Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blogging For Beginners - 6 Things You Need To Know When Blogging.

by Jennifer Asada

If you are considering starting a blog, make sure you incorporate those 6 essential blogging for beginners' tips.

Blogging for beginners tip #1:

Decide what to blog about. Have a think about what is the purpose of your blog, whether you are a social blogger or blogging for money. What is the main topic of your blog, who is your audience? Also for each blog post you're going to write, choose a subject and stick to it.

Blogging for beginners tip #2:

Keep it short and to the point. When you are a beginner at blogging it is best not to make your blog posts too long (around 500 words) and to stick to the topic you have chosen so that you don't go on a ramble and risk loosing your reader. Make sure your content reflects the title and your intentions.

Blogging for beginners tip #3:

Keep your own style. When you are blogging you are not writing a novel so there is no need for long embellished sentences, just blog the way you talk, stay casual and your message will be received better.

Blogging for beginners tip #4:

Make it visually attractive. To avoid your blog posts looking bland and boring you can add images or videos, play with the font and colours, but make sure it stays easy and simple to read (add enough white space in between paragraphs).

Blogging for beginners tip #5:

Stay honest and true to yourself. Don't pretend to be somebody you're not or to be an expert at something you're not. Do your research when necessary. There are plenty of things you can blog about in complete honesty. Ask yourself : what am I knowledgeable about, what am I good at, what are my interests etc...

Blogging for beginners tip #6:

End with your signature. The purpose of blogging is to develop a readership. If your readers like the content & value of your posts you want them to remember you and to know who you are by adding your signature. It can be your name with your picture, your logo or handle.

I hope you found those tips useful and that you are now ready to start blogging. Please feel free to share and add any comments you have below.

Happy Blogging!

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